Virtual Demos Are Changing Product Marketing for the Better

Before we dive into the ways virtual demos are changing product marketing for the better, let’s identify areas where product demonstrations are making the biggest impact: sales, training and support.

First, sales. Sales teams need a convenient, engaging sales tool to demonstrate products to prospects. This is especially true if your product(s) happen to be very expensive, very large or cumbersome to travel with or ship, and very expensive to replace or repair should it/they be damaged in transit. Or, if employees and customers are unable to travel for any reason—the demo goes on.

Second, training. Virtual demos are educational and can be used both externally and internally. For consumers: virtual demos are an engaging and efficient way to learn more about or how to use your products’ and services’. For your internal sales team, both new hires and veterans can view them to get up to speed on your company’s offerings or new products.

Third, support. Your company may have a remarkable product or service, but if the user is dissatisfied or frustrated with the level of customer support offered, it reflects poorly on your business as a whole. Virtual demos can circumvent some customer support calls, allowing users to engage their content of choice at their own pace as many times as they need, when needed.

A Virtual Product Demo is an Enthralling Sales, Marketing and Training Tool

Virtual product demos create a user-led, intimate experience with your products/services and add a new dimension to your marketing and customer support. This technology isn’t new, but it’s never been more needed, expected and accepted as it is today.

An enthralling virtual demonstration can be designed to mimic the real-world experience for staff, customers and prospects with a combination of 360-degree photography and video and virtual world enhancements.

For every virtual demo participant, you see exactly where, how and for how long each one interacted with rich media points. And more importantly, generate more qualified leads, sales and brand engagement and loyalty.

Changing Product Marketing for the Better

Virtual demos change product marketing for the better, especially, if you:

  • Struggle with training, sales and marketing for your company’s complex products or services
  • Are failing to get across your products or services unique features and benefits
  • Want to take advantage of cutting-edge technology to improve customers’ experience with your brand

Let customers control their journey through your guided experience. Experiencing a product demo virtually gives prospects the freedom to engage in your brand and products on their terms. That freedom results in higher engagement and better understanding of the features and benefits that matter most to them.

Take the pressure off the hard sales pitch and fill your sales funnel with interested leads. Your leads range from early-stage looky loos to ready buyers. Early prospects aren’t as open to hard sales pitches, but with virtual demos, you still can relay key sales information without the pressure.

Send the right message at the right time. The sales journey doesn’t follow a straight line. A virtual product demo gives prospects the right message at the right time, no matter what path they go down as they explore your product or service. With CRM integration, your sales team can follow up easily and quickly with information relevant to the prospect.

More easily update your demonstrations to match what engages prospects most. Prospects are human, so their behavior can surprise you. What you thought was your product’s best features might be less important to prospects than you thought. Virtual demos track user behaviors, showing you where they interacted, how and for how long. Changing the product demo to match prospects’ interest can be as simple as a web update.

Product Marketing Will Never be the Same

Virtual demos generate sales, allowing prospects to experience your products’ unique features and benefits. They build interest via intriguing virtual technology. They educate just as they do in the real world. Even better, they don’t require your internal staff and resources. Once created, they’re available anytime, anywhere. Schedule a demo with E3interactive to see for yourself.



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