Your Playbook for Planning an Amazing Virtual Event

Virtual events are here to stay. Even though human connection is critical, what cannot be denied are the convenience and cost-savings of hosting virtual events, such as eliminating travel costs, widespread acceptance of attending virtual events, no location scouting and event space costs, and the ability to bring more people together at one time and in one place. Distractions and boredom are main threats to achieving the goal of any virtual event. Looking at a computer or device screen is hardly as engaging as meeting face-to-face.

Fortunately, the technology exists to create engaging virtual events that encourage participants to connect, and more importantly, to collaborate with each other or interact with your team, your brand, products and services—whatever the goal. In other words, virtual events can be designed for maximum engagement and efficiency to counteract any isolation participants might anticipate or experience.

2D Web Meetings are Okay. Virtual Events Can be Amazing.
Using 2D web conference and video chat platforms has become the norm. These formats have already lost their charm, for the most part being used as little more than video calls. The question is how can you make your event effective, unique and memorable? “What’s in it for them?” should guide your answer.

More specifically, what do your teams, clients and prospects want to get out of your event? Meeting those objectives is the first step of creating an amazing virtual event. Next steps are partnering with a company, like E3 interactive, to create a far more memorable experience by immersing users in a branded space that they are free to explore in a “physical” fashion—a 3D interactive experience.

The flexibility of these types of experiences provide a wide range of options limited only by your imagination. Take your virtual events to the next level with attendees meeting in and moving around in a showroom, a classroom, your production line, on a tour and more. This is your opportunity for your company and brand to really stand out with a wow factor, highlighting why your customers, investors, employees, vendors, etc. are with you.

Any type of rich media content (360-degree photography, audio, video, 3D models and games) can be embedded to engage your audience and achieve your objectives. Presentation tools, live chat, and face-to-face video functionality also can be included to ensure the virtual event is truly interactive for all involved.

Engage Attendees Well Before and Long After Your Virtual Event
Make sure your virtual event is designed with CRM integration to better target your pre- and post-event communications. The information tracked before the event via registrations and during the event is imperative to your virtual event marketing and follow up strategy.

Use What You Learn from Attendees’ Behaviors to Fine-Tune Marketing Messages
Your virtual event should have powerful, dynamic analytics, similar to other webinar tools. Evaluate reports detailing where virtual event attendees logged on from, as well as what they did and for how long. Every. Single. Attendee. When you learn exactly what your attendees did, you know what matters most to them. Use that information to enhance your next event and/or tailor follow-up marketing messages.

Who You Partner with to Create Your Virtual Event Matters
Every experience people have with your brand matters. Find the right partner to stay ahead of your competition. Be aware that not all virtual event platforms are created equally, and not all providers know how to bring all the best elements together to meet your event’s objectives.

At E3 interactive, we combine decades of live event experience with best-in-class development tools and a well-defined process to create amazing virtual events for our clients.



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