Turn your learning management system or certification program in to a more engaging, interactive experience.

Offering virtual training makes financial and logistical sense, but everyone knows how boring watching training videos and reading web pages of content are. Go from web pages and video to a virtual training experience held in an individual classroom, your conference or training room, the showroom or production floor and anywhere else you can imagine. The nature of virtual training encourages mental engagement and hands-on participation.

Virtually Replicate a True Classroom Environment

With 360-degree photography and other virtual enhancements, our team designs an engaging classroom and simulated activities and demonstrations based on your training objectives. Your virtual training environment encourages unparalleled engagement and efficiency. For virtual training participants, you see exactly where, how and for how long each one interacted with rich media points and competencies gained as a result.


  • Certification programs
  • Company orientation and product/service training
  • Traditional education programs

FusionXP, our proprietary web-based platform for virtual solutions, integrates immersive environments, rich media content and communication. Whether you need a fully rendered 3D space, a 360-degree photo tour, or a merged event bringing together in-person and virtual elements, FusionXP allows for total customization of your experience.



Compared to the cost of in-person training, offering your training virtually generates instant ROI. E3 interactive’s powerful, dynamic analysis reports reveal where your virtual training attendees logged on from, as well as what they did and for how long. Metrics include what you need to know to evaluate if the subject matter was learned, as well as areas that need to be revisited.


  • Traffic origination
  • Heatmaps
  • Visitor actions/behaviors
  • Active time duration
  • Pass/Fail
  • Standards met for training goal

Grimco Virtual Experience


E3 interactive designs your virtual training to better connect users’ learning styles with your training goals. Whether users are training virtually to achieve your defined internal objectives, earning a certification or completing an education requirement, etc., their progress and achievements can integrate with your internal systems for tracking. And, since your virtual training sessions are designed for engagement and efficiency, you’ll get the data you need to fine-tune a relevant program.


Enrich your virtual training with any combination of enhancements at any point in the course:

  • Live chat
  • Livestreams
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual reality
  • User-controlled 3-D models
  • Gamification
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